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Cambridge University Law Society

The Cambridge University Law Society (CULS) is one of the largest student-run societies in the University, the country and indeed the world.

The society invites prominent individuals to our speakers series, which have in the past included Lord Judge and Baroness Hale.

It also gives its members a head-start in their career path, putting on dinners, presentations and workshops throughout the year.

Mooting is a very lively area of the society, creating an opportunity for students to establish and develop their advocacy skills. And, when respite is needed from the more academic side of law, its social events (especially the Law Ball) are second to none.

For the more adventurous, its foreign exchange programme is the ideal opportunity to travel and learn about the legal system in other European Countries. CULS really does have something to offer everyone.

Cambridge University Pro Bono Society

The Cambridge University Pro Bono Society exists to facilitate voluntary work by students for legal charities, and to raise awareness about current issues of human interest. For the uninitiated, 'pro bono' is short for 'pro bono publico'- for the benefit of the public.

For years, legal professionals have been doing this sort of work for free. A glance at City firm websites will reveal that doing pro bono work has become an important part of the culture of many organizations, especially with the recent cuts in legal aid budgets. Individual barristers and solicitors also take on pro bono work when they wish to.

Undergraduates can get involved as well. The Pro Bono Society runs two main projects: Streetlaw and the Citizens' Advice Bureau Project. The Streetlaw project, in conjunction with BPP Law School, takes groups of undergraduates into local schools and charities to give presentations about doing a Law degree, the application of human rights and civil liberties generally.

Those working on the Citizens' Advice Bureau project assist solicitors from Mills & Reeve who provide free legal advice to those who cannot afford to pay for it. Additionally, the Society hosts inspirational speakers to raise awareness of a broad range of issues.

Katie, CULS President

President of the Cambridge University Law Society (CULS) Katie Adamson explains what sort of activities the Society offers.

Oliver, CULS Master of Moots

Cambridge University Law Society (CULS) Master of Moots Oliver explains what mooting is, and how it is run at the University.