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Whether you already love the idea of studying Law at university and want to strengthen your application, or you just want to learn more about your options, independent academic exploration is a great choice Ali Lyons, Schools Liaison Coordinator

If you’re considering Law at university, we suggest that you take some time to explore Law as an academic subject. This type of independent academic exploration is often called "super-curricular" activity. Considering your academic interests beyond the classroom will help you to understand if the subject is the right fit for you, and can also help you make a strong application.

You should note that the following resources are simply useful jumping-off points; there is no specific "required reading" for potential applicants, and no "best" super-curricular activity. Regardless of how you choose to explore your academic interests, we will be less interested in what you have done, and more interested in how your experience made you think critically, ask questions, and define your own interests.


What About Law Letters to a Law Student Learning the Law The Law Machine

The Law and Modern Society How to Do Things with Rules Eve Was Framed  A Very Short Introduction

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