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BA Law

Mature students

Although the Law Faculty can provide general information for mature and affiliated applicants, all such applications are highly individual. We recommend that mature applicants discuss their specific application with one or more college before applying.

Applying as a Mature Student

Given the unique nature of mature student applications, it can sometimes be challenging to find an answer to specific questions about your particular qualifications and background. The best way to approach these questions is to contact the college that you plan to apply to Ali Lyons, Schools Liaison Coordinator

If you will be over 21 when you start your course, you will be considered a mature applicant. Mature applicants apply for the programme in the usual way, through the UCAS online application portal. If you are a mature student and have missed the October 15 deadline, you may still be able to apply through the second application round for mature students, for which the deadline is 1 March for entry in autumn of the same year. The mature colleges that can consider your application are Hughes Hall, Wolfson College, and St Edmund's College.

We hold mature applicants to the same academic standard as the standard-age applicants. Your past experiences and achievements – including educational, work, or volunteer experience – will be taken into account when your application is evaluated and some of the usual formal requirements may be waived.

As with standard-age applicants, we will look for evidence that you have the skills to succeed on the Law course. You will typically need to demonstrate recent academic success, such as an Access to Law diploma, A level(s), or Open University course, usually within the past two years.

Applying as an Affiliated student

If you have already completed an undergraduate degree in another subject at a different university, you have the option to apply for the affiliated degree, completing the undergraduate law degree in two years, rather than the usual three. For details on this course track, please see the Law at Cambridge section.

As with all applications from mature students, you will held to the same academic standards as traditional applicants. While you A levels or equivalent will still be considered, your other experience, including your first undergraduate degree, will also be taken into account. For further information, please see the University’s website, or the website for one or more colleges that you are considering.

You can indicate your interest in the affiliated degree programme in the My Cambridge Application.

Previous degree in Law

It is highly unusual for a student to apply to the BA in Law at Cambridge when they already have an undergraduate Law degree from another university. If your previous degree is in Law or a related field, please contact the admissions team at your preferred college for further guidance.

Previous degree from Cambridge

It is not possible for students with an undergraduate degree from Cambridge to receive a second undergraduate degree from Cambridge. In this case, contact your current Cambridge college for further advice.