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BA Law

Interview at the University of Cambridge

**COVID-19 Update: due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic, the University of Cambridge is making plans to interview applicants without requiring them to come to Cambridge. This will likely involve conducting interviews online remotely. Further details regarding the logistics and delivery of this process will be announced in due course – please continue to monitor this page as well as relevant University and college admissions pages for the most up-to-date information**

If your UCAS application is successful, you will be invited to interview by the college that is handling your application. The number of interviews you are asked to attend, the length of the interviews, and the topics discussed will all vary from college to college.

The interviews will usually be held early in December, and the college that invites you to interview will provide you with further details on the exact timing, location, and format of your interviews.

I genuinely enjoyed the interview, and was appreciative of the interviewers making me feel at home in what could have been a thoroughly stressful experience Jarvis, third year Law student

Queries regarding interviews should be directed to college admissions tutors.

You will not be required to have any prior knowledge of law for your interviews. The interviewers will be interested in your own ideas and thought processes, including your ability to form and defend a logical argument, to recognise counter arguments, and to explain any changes in your view in light of new information or new circumstances. 

More information about the interview process, including preparation for interviews, at Cambridge is available on the University website.


The interview

First Year Law Student Louis describes his experience of attending an interview to study the Cambridge BA Law Degree.

Interview reflections

Three Law students look back at their experiences at interview.