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Sutton Trust Summer School in Law

Sutton Trust LogoThe Law summer school at Cambridge is a one-week taster course, consisting of a varied academic programme, as well as social activities like punting and dinners in college, to give participants a taste of life as an undergraduate.

Students are taught about a wide variety of legal topics, including criminal law, tort, contract and international law. The week culminates in a mock trial featuring the 'murder' of a student studying at the Faculty, with students playing all the major roles, including solicitors, barristers, police officers, witnesses and the defendant.

I thought it'd be really posh but it's not and is much more relaxed and welcoming than I had anticipated

Applications are open to year 12 state school students from the UK, and can be made online through the Sutton Trust website. For more information on the Sutton Trust Summer Schools in Cambridge, please see the University’s website.


Andy, Sutton Trust Helper

Andy shares his experiences as a student helper on the Sutton Trust Summer School in 60 seconds.

Andy, Sutton Trust Student

Andy talks about his time on the Sutton Trust Summer School in 60 seconds.