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BA Law

International students

Each year, the University and the Law Faculty welcome applicants from all over the world. We are accustomed to reviewing applications with international qualifications, and you will not be held at a disadvantage simply because you did not complete traditional A levels. For the full list of international qualifications, please see the University’s website .

As an international applicant, you should note that the timeline for your application may be different if you would like to be considered for an overseas interview.

The typical English language requirement for Law applicants is the same as that of the University.

When I was applying, I worried that having unconventional qualifications would put me at a disadvantage. But that was far from the case Sheyna, international student

For the most up to date information on tuition fees for international students, please see the University’s website.

If you have further questions on how your particular international qualifications will be viewed, or how to satisfy the English language requirements, we recommend that you contact the International Student Team in the first instance, or the admissions team at your chosen college.

Applicants from North America

For those interested in studying Law from North America, it may be useful to note that in the UK, there is no direct equivalent of a JD. Instead, those wishing to become a qualified lawyer in the UK complete the necessary academic requirements either by:

  • Studying an undergraduate degree in Law (3 year programme)
  • Studying an undergraduate degree in another subject, followed by a Senior Status Law degree (2 year programme)
  • Studying an undergraduate degree in another subject, followed by the Graduate Diploma in Law (1 year programme, not offered at Cambridge)

Many of our students from North America come to Cambridge to pursue the Senior Status Law degree, which combines the academic rigour of a Cambridge education with the vocational preparation necessary to be a qualified lawyer in the UK. As with all applicants to the Senior Status option, there are no requirements for what subject you must study for your first undergraduate degree.

If you ultimately aim to practice law in North America, you should note that while it is possible to take the Bar exam in several states without having completed a JD, the BA in Law at Cambridge is primarily an English Law degree, and is not designed to prepare you for the Bar.