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BA Law

Studying undergraduate Law at the University of Cambridge

There are students from all walks of life here, different in many ways, but all united by a passion for learning and an ambition to succeed Gemma, 3rd year Law student

The undergraduate Law course at Cambridge is intended to give a thorough grounding in the principles of law viewed from an academic rather than a vocational perspective.

We encourage Cambridge Law students to think beyond the black letter of the rules. This means that we challenge students to consider questions like:

  • Where did this law come from? How did it develop over time?
  • How might this law apply in novel situations?
  • What is the intended purpose? What social objectives do these rules serve?
  • Is this law accomplishing its intended purpose? Are there any unintended consequences?
  • Does this law need to be reformed?


Welcome to Cambridge Law

I am delighted that you are considering applying for Law at Cambridge. The Law course at Cambridge is designed to enable our students to achieve their academic and personal potential.

We are passionate about teaching our students well, and about helping them to develop a deep understanding and appreciation of the pivotal position of law in a civilised society. Our students are encouraged to develop strong analytical, critical thinking, evaluation and communication skills, and a capacity for independent learning.

We use a range of teaching methods, including interactive teaching in the small group supervision system that is a key part of our approach, to give our students an unrivalled learning experience.

I hope you will find the information in this website helpful and that it will confirm your decision that Law at Cambridge is the right choice for you.

Dr Okeoghene Odudu, Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity, Faculty of Law

The student view

Third year Law student Gemma explains a little bit about what her experience of studying law has been like at the University of Cambridge.