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My experience of changing into Law from another subject has been a very positive one. You settle into Law very quickly, and it's a really challenging and rewarding degree Hayley, 3rd year changeover Law student

Although it is not possible to simultaneously take courses from two different degrees at Cambridge, there are a number of ways to integrate your wider subject interests into your Law studies at Cambridge.

Pursue your interests while studying the BA Law Degree

As an interdisciplinary subject, the Law degree at Cambridge encourages students to consider ideas from a range of disciplines, including History, Politics, Philosophy and more.

If you have a particular interest in another subject, you can explore it through student societies, special lectures, and seminar series found across the University. You can also take modules within the Law degree that relate to other subjects, such as legal history or philosophy of Law, pursue a dissertation topic that incorporates your interests, or courses offerings by the University's Language Centre or an exchange scheme as a way to include language study in your degree.

Change into Law from another subject

A formal way to pursue another subject interest is to change degrees into Law after studying one or two years of another subject at Cambridge.

You will need permission from your college to change to another subject. Usually, this means having a discussion with your Director of Studies of your current subject, as well as the Director of Studies for Law. Colleges will typically interview undergraduates wishing to change into Law, and will consider your academic performance to date.

First year, or first two years

Modules from another subject at Cambridge

Second year, or third year

  1. Tort Law
  2. Constitutional Law
  3. Contract Law
  4. Land Law
  5. Option 1

Third year, or fourth year

  1. Criminal Law
  2. Equity
  3. EU Law
  4. Option 2
  5. Option 3 (or dissertation)

Keep in mind that if your chosen path includes a fourth year in Cambridge, you will need to be sure that you have the necessary financial support in place to extend your studies.

Changing in to Law allows you to take the seven foundation subjects currently considered fundamental to become a practising lawyer. However, there are no compulsory papers set by the University for Cambridge students who change their course of study to Law, and wide range of other papers are available to you if you wish to pursue the study of Law purely out of academic interest.

Hayley, 3rd year changeover Law student

Hayley talks about her experiences as an undergraduate student on the Law degree at Cambridge, having changed over from another degree subject after her first year.