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BA Law


Can I apply for deferred entry or take a gap year?

Yes, a small proportion of our students take gap years before starting the Law course at Cambridge. You should state your intention to apply for deferred entry on your UCAS application, and you should expect to be asked in interview about your reasons for taking a year out, or what your plans are for that year.

How does the Faculty of Law consider contextual data?

The admissions process at Cambridge is holistic, and we will consider all aspects of your application in context, including considering any significant disruption to your academic life and looking at your academic achievements in the context of your school. For further information on contextual information that the University considers, including when it might be appropriate to complete an Extenuating Circumstances form, please see the University's website.

How does the Faculty of Law view exam resits?

In general, we recognise that there may be reasons for you to retake certain exams. You can find the University's guidance on A level exam resits on the University's website, or get in touch with the admissions team at the college that you plan to apply to for more specific guidance.

I have already started an undergraduate Law degree at another university. Can I transfer into the BA in Law at Cambridge?

Due to the variations in course structure across academic Law degrees, there is currently no standard procedure by which to transfer directly into year two or three of the BA in Law at Cambridge. If you are still interested in the Law programme at Cambridge, we recommend that you contact the college to which you will apply to check that they will accept your UCAS application, to begin the degree in year one. Further information is available on the University's website

I have missed the UCAS application deadline. Can my application still be considered?

If you are a standard age student and have missed the October 15 UCAS deadline for entry in autumn of the following year, there is no process by which your application can still be considered. In order to apply to Cambridge, you would need to wait for the next application cycle.

If you are a mature student and have missed the October 15 deadline, you may still be able to apply through the second application round for mature students, for which the deadline is 1 March for entry in autumn of the same year. The mature colleges that can consider your application are Hughes Hall, Wolfson College, and St Edmund's College. Please note that if you have made an application late for the October round you cannot switch your application to Hughes Hall for later consideration. For more information, please see the University's website for mature student applications.